Day 12 (Sunday, May 8th)

Today I made sure to get my exercises all in, especially after my wimpy showing yesterday.  My leg really started out swollen after yesterday; it wasn’t just limited to the knee either.  My calf and even ankle looked a bit larger than they should.  During recovery from the initial injury I recall this same thing.  I got a quite swollen ankle for a day or two after overdoing it some.  On the other hand, it seems to me that overdoing it just the right amount facilitates recovery.  You feel awful at the end of the over-done day and weak the day after, but the next day seems to come with a jump forward.  I should add that this is anecdotal, I haven’t done any research at all as to whether it is valid, it just seems to be my experience.

Anyway, I did full PT both times.  The only notable things are 1) I’m increasing the ‘pause’ to 3 seconds during my Knee Bends, and I’m starting to move my uninvolved leg around during the 1-minute Balance to make it trickier.  I guess I’ll have to start doing some eyes-closed soon.

Posted by Greg on July 19th, 2011 :: Filed under ACL Files
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