Week 13 (July 19-25)

(Fri, Jul 22nd)

The big news today is that I had my 3 month check-in with the Surgeon.  I went into this one feeling very nervous because my leg feels a bit weird and the swelling still hasn’t gone down ever since London and CONvergence.  It was a very quick check-in where he had me lay back and he moved my knee joint around for about 30 seconds.  It mad this weird ‘clunk’ feeling/sound when he did it ( the exact feeling that made me nervous that I’d damaged the graft).  He said “Feel that clunk?  That’s your ACL”.  I said “Is that good?”  He said “Yes, that is a very healthy ACL.  It’s starting to get stronger again too!”.  Then he proceeded to remind me that while it’s getting better all the time it is still too soon for “cutting and pivoting”.  He also suggested that I hold off on starting jogging until the swelling abates a bit.

Relief!  That’s what I’m feeling this afternoon.  I”m so very happy that I didn’t damage anything.  w00t!

Apparently I was so relieved that I skipped my evening PT…

(Sat, Jul 23rd)

Tonight I’m going to see U2!  I’ll almost certainly over-work the knee again but I still got in the AM PT session.  I really ought to ice it.

(Sun, Jul 24th)

The U2 concert was really fantastic!  There were some glitches…such as heavy rain at times but the band played on and the rain, thunder and lightning really made the light show dramatic.  The only downside is that I never sat down during the whole show…I’m sure my knee is going to swell right up again in the morning.

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