Turning off Google Chrome’s ‘Instant’

I like to use Google Chrome for my day-to-day browsing and for basic testing of web-sites.  For more advanced work Chrome can be pretty annoying (but that is a topic for a different post).  In one of it’s recent updates, Chrome has added the feature called Instant.

Oh how I hate it.  If you’re not already familiar, Chrome’s ‘Instant’ is the relatively recent feature that starts searching or navigating as soon as you start typing.  OK, it’s not so bad when searching, but really, getting 10 or 20 404 errors while typing out a URL gets pretty annoying, and it’s even worse if the site tries to redirect on 404.

It turns out that it is very easy to turn off this feature, just go to settings (Click the little wrench icon), then Options.  On the ‘Basics’ screen you can simply uncheck the Enable Instant for faster searching and browsing checkbox.  Of course, you’ll lose ‘instant’ for both urls and for searching.

Posted by Greg on June 1st, 2011 :: Filed under Browser Basics,Google Chrome,Web