Day 11 (Saturday, May 7th)

Saturday, Saturday…Saturday was the first big departure from the ‘plan’.  I only did one partial PT and I never managed to ice my knee at all.  More importantly, I never really gave my knee much of a break all day.  Yes, it suffered for it!  Yes it was pretty swollen all day.  The one thing I DID do was to practice good walking.  I’m careful to start a stride with heel, leg extended; to lift my leg at the end of the stride; and to make even strides.  This means slooooow walking for now.  Why so far off schedule?  We did all the Mother’s day stuff today.  We took Grammas to ‘Good Day’ for a nice brunch.  We took Zander for a haircut, dropped him off at Gramma Pat’s.  We went to Home Depot and got the stuff to make some hoops for Kammy (She’s interested in ‘hooping’ now) and I helped her get started building a few.  Then I set about getting in a set of PT quickly before our early dinner reservations with friends.  I was about half-way done when they called to tell us they were quite early.  I gave up the rest of PT in the interest of moving the evening along; we all had early dinner reservations for Fogo de Chao!  It’s way too expensive, but damn it is good!

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