Week 8 (June 15-21)

Day 50 (Wed, Jun 15th)

Stay the course!

Day 51 (Thu, Jun 16th)

Stay the course!

Day 52 (Fri, Jun 17th)

Stay the course, but also ran around trying to pack for UK business/fun trip.

Day 53 (Sat, Jun 18th)

Travel day from MSP to JFK then to Manchester, England overnight.  Flights all horribly delayed but somehow we managed to get ourselves (but unfortunately not our luggage) from here to there.

Day 54 (Sun, Jun 19th)

We slept a tiny bit on the plane and today is jet-lag day.  Our luggage did not arrive.  We found out it’d get in about a day (plus transport time to Blackpool) later.  We had to stop at a Tesco to try to find some clothes for the day and for Monday as well.  The rest of the day was spent trying to stay up…we visited downtown Blackpool.  Interesting note, we’d been told it was like the “Vegas of England” but either the cabbie took us to the wrong end of town or it’s more like the “half way boarded up Jersey Shore of England”.  The only thing that made it worthwhile was the extremely low tide, which made for a very surreal looking beach.

I didn’t manage to do any PT at all today (Hint…it stayed that way for the duration of the trip)

Day 55 (Mon, Jun 20th)

Business day.  It went very well.  Thankfully there was lots of sitting so no undue strain on the knee.  We broke down and ate at dinner at the hotel…it was very tasty, but it’s a chain with 3 restaurants back home.

No PT again.

Day 56 (Tue, Jun 21st)

Business day again, it also went well.  We got out early; chatting with the cabbie on the way back to the hotel he suggested a nice pub in the charming little community of Poulton-Le-Fylde.  What a fantastic call it turned out to be.  We toured the grounds of a thousand year old church, enjoyed local cask ales from the Town Hall pub and the Thatched House as well.  We had a fantastic Thai dinner too with some friendly locals who showed us the town and told us of their travels.  Truly a wonderful night.

On the other hand, I spent way too much time on my feet…swelling will follow.

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