It’s been a long time since my last knee-related update. So here’s what is up. I’m coming up on 5 months since surgery and things are really progressing. The big news is that I’ve been running for the past month and a half. It’s coming along OK, though I did have a setback with a nasty case of bronchitis that kept me off my feet for several weeks. It still hampers my breathing now 6 weeks after the initial onset (argh!). My knee, is reacting well to the running finally after several rough weeks at the beginning.

When I first started running it was mostly walking with a few 1 minute very-slow jogs interspersed. They hurt. My knee ‘pinched’ with every stride and I really felt I had to step with care to keep it stabilized.

Once I upgraded to 3 minute walk, 2 minute run cycles, I quickly realized that I was tensing up my affected leg something fierce, and ended up with some pretty bad cramps after running. It took a couple weeks to gain enough confidence/strength to trust my knee and leg to do what they were supposed to so I could relax.

Now in the past couple weeks I’ve switched to 3 minute run, 2 minute walk cycles. My knee is not the limiting factor anymore, it doesn’t hurt and feels nearly as stable as the other one. I’m still dealing with some cramping from over-tensing, and still dealing with post-bronchitis and generally being out of shape too. That said it’s getting easier each time, and I’ll switch to 4 run/ 1 walk cycles next week.

I’m also doing “unsupported” hopping and agility work now, the scariest of which is hopping from the ‘good’ leg to the ‘bad’ one and back again. My leg is up to it, so it’s mostly a confidence building exercise. There are also a variety of ‘ladders’ which I’d never done before but which are typical agility exercises for soccer players. It really feels good to be starting into the lateral, pivoting movements. Makes me realize I’m going to need all of the months yet ’til winter to be ready for it though!

And the last bit of news, I can kneel again. Weird how much you can use that skill as a dad..and how much you miss it when it’s gone. I still have to do it carefully, but I can split my weight evenly between my knees without too much discomfort.

All in all, things are progressing well!

Posted by Greg on September 22nd, 2011 :: Filed under ACL Files
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