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Hi, my name is Greg Lyon and I’m starting this blog to keep track of the story of my knee injury and subsequent recovery.  I’m a skier, this is directly related to my injury as you’ll find out.  I’m a Lead Web Developer at Blue Earth Interactive, so you may find posts about system architecture, programming, databases, project management, and the like; emphasis on PHP, MySQL, LAMP Stack, .NET, Moodle open source LMS. These posts will be as much for me to refer back to as for anybody else, but I hope you programmer types will find something useful.

I’m a husband and father; my family and I like camping and traveling, and my son and I love to ski, so you may expect some family-travel-outdoor content too.  I’m both a Photographer (Nikon guy) and Musician (Bass Player) though these have taken a backseat to my other interests and responsibilities in the past few years.  I love imagining the best of what the future could bring (think scientific utopia, space travel, scientific advances, anything to do with physics), though I fear at many times that it’s doomed to remain fiction.  What else?  I will likely share an opinion about something or another along the way…

Initially I am going to tell the ongoing story of my knee injury and recovery.  As of this writing I am 3 months out from my initial injury and 1 month out from my knee surgery.  I’ve kept a journal of my recovery and will be adding those entries here periodically.  I’ll include the original date in the title of the entry.

As I go through the stages of injury and recovery I’ve found it to be useful to read about other people’s experiences and so I hope you may find something useful here too.

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