SVN: Relocating your checkout

My company has been doing a lot of cleaning house lately and one of the much-needed fixups has been to set up a new server to host our SVN repository. As a result we have to re-point lots of checkouts at the new server. It’s a very simple process using either of two commands. The first is svn switch –relocate, the second is simply svn relocate.  [note that svn switch –relocate is deprecated in 1.7! Use svn relocate going forward!]

Usage is simple, but it’s important to get the URLs correct!

svn switch --relocate http://old.server.url/trunk http://new.server.url/trunk

This is the 'new' 1.7 way:
svn relocate http://old.server.url/trunk http://new.server.url/trunk

It’s also worth noting that you cannot switch branches while you relocate. For instance, if you need to move to a new server AND switch to a branch, do it in two separate steps.

Refer to the svnbook for more information:

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Netbeans 7 with(out) Subversion 1.7

This week I reinstalled my OS (long overdue!) and while I was at it got the latest releases of many pieces of software I use. These updates included both NetBeans 7.0.1 and TortoiseSVN 1.7.1.   Then I used TortioseSVN to check out a project and opened the project in NetBeans.  Next time I started NetBeans I was presented with the following message:

org.tigris.subversion.javahl.ClientException: The path ‘C:\Users\path to my project‘ appears to be part of a Subversion 1.7 or greater
working copy.  Please upgrade your Subversion client to use this
working copy.

After some web searching I realized that the upgrade to Tortoise 1.7.1 meant that I was now using the 1.7 Subversion client…which has some significant differences from the 1.6 client.  It also became apparent that NetBeans hasn’t yet upgraded to Subversion 1.7, but they will do-so soon.  

Here is a link to the story, with some work-arounds if you’re interested:  I’ve decided I’ll use only TortoiseSVN for my SVN Needs until the NetBeans release that supports SVN 1.7 comes along.

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