Day 13 (Monday, May 9th)

It’s a stormy morning in Minnesota as I begin my PT today.  Somehow seems appropriate.  I have a feeling that doing PT in the middle of summer won’t be as fun as on a stormy day like this.  Here’s the lineup: 5-minute Passive Extension; 20 Heel Slides; 1-minute Hamstring Stretch; 30 each of front, side, back Leg Raises.  Then I stand up for 20 Step-Ups; 20 Knee Bands; 20 Knee Bends with 3 second pause; 1 minute Balance.  Then I ice while writing this and it’ll be off to work for me.

Took a Walk

At lunch I decided to take a walk (using 1 crutch, mostly for balance).  I had a check that I had to deposit and I haven’t had any cash since before the surgery.  Under normal circumstances it’d be a 10 minute walk (tops) each way.  I went to the bank, made a deposit & withdrawal, stopped by a fast-food place and grabbed some food to go, and returned to the office.  That took 45 minutes, and my leg is tired and swelling fast.  I got out the icepack and iced while I ate.  It is tricky to balance exercise and activity with rest at this stage.

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