Day 6 (Monday, May 2nd)

I slept in ‘til 11 then got up and got started working.  It’s my first fairly-full workday since the surgery and it feels good to be getting some work done.  At 3 I take a break and do PT.  It’s about a 30 to 45 minute affair at this point.  I manage 24 each of the 3 leg raises, 3 minute ‘shift’, 4 minutes passive extension; 1 minute hamstring stretch; 20 heel slides (which is the target).

My cat spazzed on my foot while I was out of the immobilizer; he dug his claws in which caused me to knee-jerk which caused a spasm.  Hurt but it wasn’t one of the big ones.  I am starting to think the big ones may be behind me!

My hamstring is feeling less crampy so I take the plunge; my first full shower since surgery!  If I wasn’t so nervous that my leg WOULD cramp it’d have been pure joy!  It still was pretty damn good, though.

I round out the night with one more set of PT; I bumped each of the leg raises to 25 (the target is 30); 3 minute ‘shift’, 4 minute passive extension, 1 minute hamstring stretch, and 20 heel slides.  I can now get some negative extension (assisted) but cannot pull it with muscles yet.  I’ve made marked progress on the flexed end too, well past 90 degrees.  One more icing and off to bed.

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