Day 5 (Sunday, May 1st)

Hey, I don’t think I had any over-the-top muscle spasms last night.  Win!  I did my first PT around 1 PM, second around 11:30 PM (Just before we found out about Osama Bin Laden).

I’m really getting antsy with all the sitting around!  I have to say I underestimated how weak my leg would feel after the autograft.  Mind you, my surgeon spelled this entire process out for me…it’s just different living through it.  At certain times of the day it feels as if my leg is going to go into one of the big spasms as soon as it’s not elevated anymore.  Other times it is fine for quite a while.  Also, I still haven’t felt comfortable enough (given our bathroom configuration) to manage a real shower.  And the last straw, an emergency fix to a database kept me up well past 4 AM, so I will sleep a bit late in the AM and work from home tomorrow.

Posted by Greg on July 10th, 2011 :: Filed under ACL Files
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