Day 4 (Saturday, Apr 30th)

I woke up today feeling much better than I did yesterday.  I had one big cramp-up overnight and had to get up one time.  I slept mostly on my back though somewhat on my side (Involved knee ‘up’).  I still have extra swelling in my leg and the weird pain in my left pectoral when I stand up, but no more light-headedness.  High blood pressure & fast pulse from yesterday are also relieved dramatically.  I also realize that I forgot to take my muscle relaxant last night and decide that I’ll just stay off of those too.

As I’m writing this at 7:00PM I haven’t had to use any pain meds today.  I’m starting to switch over from lethargy to restlessness.  I will be very glad to get out of the leg immobilizer.

My morning physical therapy went well.  I will stick with these same exercises 2x daily until my next PT session at Tria on Wednesday.


I just tried to take a shower.  I thought I was finally feeling good enough to do it, but once I got out of the immobilizer and the Tubigrip and walked in to the bathroom, my hamstring started cramping up too much and I had to abort the mission…maybe tomorrow?

Evening PT and icing went well.  I straightened the immobilizer a bit and also made it a bit tighter; maybe it’ll be more comfortable sleeping that way?

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2 Responses to “Day 4 (Saturday, Apr 30th)”

  1. Benton Jackson
    July 10th, 2011

    I’ve always found that muscle relaxants make me much more dopey feeling than narcotics. But then, for the back pain I used the muscle relaxants for, nothing else would work. It encourages me to keep up on my PT so I don’t have to take muscle relaxants.

  2. Greg
    July 11th, 2011

    Ben, that is interesting…I assumed it was the narcotic that wiped me out, but maybe it was really that Muscle Relaxant.

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