Week 7 (June 8-14)

Day 43 (Wed, Jun 8th)

I only managed a single PT session today.

Day 44 (Thu, Jun 9th)

I missed my morning session today, but trying to take extra stairs to at least partially compensate…

Aaaaand I missed the evening one too.  It was all for a good cause, namely playing music and reminiscing with my brother.

Day 45 (Fri, Jun 10th)

Today I missed my AM PT and even then barely made it to work on time.  Then with Kammy’s help I realized I’d missed my 9 AM PT appointment.  Thankfully there was a 1:30 opening so I took it.  I came clean with my physical therapist, told him I hadn’t really done any PT in the past two days.  He told me not to worry, that I’m getting close to the point where I’ll start with every other day anyway.  He then went on to assess my progress.  I can do 20 one-legged squats (assisted) now, and 20 retro-step-ups about 4” high.  He explained how I could tweak the exercises to keep them challenging; Work toward 90 Degree bend on squats, and start adding a pause at the bottom of up to 5 seconds.  For the retro-step-ups I’ll keep adding height and also pause just after my heel comes off the floor.

He also modified the bridge, now I’ll use two feet to get into bridge position, and then alternately lift right then left leg off the floor.  Once I’m comfortable with those I’ll switch to single-legged bridge.  He restated that I’m progressing very well, and that in a couple weeks we will do an assessment to gauge my progress.  At that point he may introduce jogging to my PT.

Day 46 (Sat, Jun 11th)

I slept in today (much needed!) then did morning PT.  I don’t seem to be any worse for wear for having skipped two days; in fact my muscles seem a bit relaxed, and ready for more.  I’ll try to get the other one in today, but in any case my brother leaves tomorrow so it’ll be back-to-normal for a week at least until we head out for the UK.

Day 47 (Sun, Jun 12th)

Stay the course!

Day 48 (Mon, Jun 13th)

Stay the course!

Day 49 (Tue, Jun 14th) Progress check-in

Today I bumped my step-down height up to 5”, I could only manage 15 step downs at that height.  I also tried single (affected) leg bridges for the first time, which went well; I was able to do 20 without much difficulty.

My walking pace is about back to normal, though I do have to be careful not to introduce a slight unevenness between sides.  It’s not quite a limp but it’s different.  I’m still nervous to start running but haven’t been given the go-ahead yet anyhow, so there’s still time to get more comfortable.

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