Day 9 (Thursday, May 5th)

Last night I barely got any sleep.  My hamstring was causing me a fair bit of distress, and even my knee was acting up a bit.  This after taking 4 Advil (which I had hoped would ease the swelling in my knee).  Needless to say I’m exhausted today.  That said, once I got my knee moving I was able to do most everything to target levels with the exception of leg raises (on stomach) which I only managed 20 of.


I took it easy at work today, physically speaking.  I stayed at my desk with my leg up as often as possible.  When I was up, I didn’t let hallway conversations keep me from getting back to my desk.  I iced several times.  It was Cinco de Mayo today and we celebrated by going down to the first floor of our building to Barrio.  So did everyone else in St. Paul’s lowertown, they were on an hour wait.  We looked in at the Bulldog but it was totally full too, so we asked if they’d be nice enough to call up when a table was ready…and we went back to work.  An hour later we were filling up on tasty Mexican food (but regrettably no Tequila!).


By the time evening came it was pretty clear that my hamstring is getting better.  It’s still terribly weak and feels like it may cramp up at any time, but now the Charlie horse is letting loose somewhat, and it’s not constantly painful.  Yea!

Physical Therapy went pretty well: 42 seconds balancing; 20 Knee Bends; 20 Knee Bands; 30 back and side Leg Raises, 20 stomach Leg Raises (after a reset…hamstring trying to cramp!); 5 minute Passive Extension; 20 Heel Slides and 1 minute of hamstring stretching.

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